Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 15: A fanfic

Fanfics are something of the past for me. I used to write but I have lost inspiration (not interest) so it is hard to come up with one within the day. Everytime I come up with an idea, I think I should start writing again but it's harder to put ideas into paper until unless you have momentum. So for today, instead of writing a fanfic, I'll talk about fanfics and me :)

I first came in contact with fanfics about 10 years ago when I was looking if there were more stories on the internet about one of the series I was following. At first I was surprised because it seemed so much like the series but there was something different about it. I researched some more and later found a huge community online that hosted all kinds of fanfics from various shows, games, real people. It was endless.

Before I wrote some (just a handful), I read a lot to get a feel of what people wrote about, understanding a point of view of character, dos and don'ts, etc. It was an interesting experience and I met a few people online (other fanfic writers) who happen to be some of my closest friends today.

I do wish to write fanfics (or original fiction) again. Perhaps a item to add to my "101 list".

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